AHA Hockey


Playing in the Twin Cities

Local Contact e-mail phone #
Local AdministratorTCAdmin@ahahockey.com(612) 275-2427
A Tier AdminAAdmin@ahahockey.com
B1 Tier AdminB1Admin@ahahockey.com
B2 Tier AdminB2Admin@ahahockey.com
B3 Tier AdminB3Admin@ahahockey.com
C1 Tier AdminC1Admin@ahahockey.com
C2 Tier AdminC2Admin@ahahockey.com
C3 Tier AdminC3Admin@ahahockey.com
D1 Tier AdminD1Admin@ahahockey.com
D2 Tier AdminD2Admin@ahahockey.com
Beginner AdministratorBeginner@ahahockey.com
Head RefereeTCReferee@ahahockey.com
Registration onlyRegistration@ahahockey.com(612) 275-2427

AHA Corporate Contact information

AHA Hockey, Inc.
PO Box 390215
Edina, MN 55439-0215
Main Phone (612) 275-2427
Billing/Accounting Questions (612) 730-4438


We Listen! and the Adult Hockey Association will continue to listen to you, the players, to continue to create a great atmosphere for the sport and make your experience in AHA one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your time. Please don't hesitate to forward your comments and/or concerns both positive and negative regarding your league to the local administrator or the board.