All new players to AHA league play are required to attend an Evaluation unless you are entering Beginner School. During your Evaluation our team of evaluators will determine what level of play you are best suited for and help place you on a team in the appropriate skill level.

To reserve a spot in an Evaluation you must register online below. We do not accept walk-up registrations unless previously arranged by the Registration Coordinator.

If you are brand new to the sport of hockey with no organized experience previously, we recommend you consider our Beginner School.

At your Evaluation, you will be run through a few on-ice drills and then scrimmage with the other participants. We request that you bring full hockey equipment for your own protection. Please arrive 30 minutes before the Evaluation to check in, be assigned a temporary jersey, and get dressed. You will need to participate in the session for the full 90 minutes for an accurate assessment. Full details will be emailed to you shortly before your scheduled evaluation session.

Fall 2019 Sessions are now complete. We will have evaluation sessions schedule for Spring and Summer League listed below in spring, 2020. Check back on this page for session details.

Fall 2019 Sessions

Eval # Day Date Time Location Level **
#1 Mon Aug 26 8:45 PM Richfield 1 LOWER
#2 Thu Aug 29 9:30 PM Breck UPPER
#3 Tue Sept 3 6:45 PM Richfield 1 LOWER
#4 Thu Sept 5 7:15 PM Breck UPPER
#5 Mon Sept 9 7:30 PM Richfield 1 LOWER
#6 Thu Sept 12 8:45 PM Breck UPPER
#7 Thu Sept 19 7:45 PM Breck LOWER
#8 Mon Sept 23 7:30 PM Richfield 1 UPPER
#9 Mon Sept 30 7:30 PM Richfield 1 LOWER
#10 Mon Oct 7 8:45 PM Richfield 1 UPPER
#11 Mon Oct 14 8:45 PM Richfield 1 ALL
#12 Tue Nov 19 10:00 PM Parade ALL

** - In an attempt to more similarly group players at evaluation sessions, we split sessions into upper- and lower-skilled groups. If you are evaluating for a specific team, please register for an evaluation session based on the groupings below:

Upper = Tiers A, B1, B2, B3, C1; higher-skilled players that have played organized hockey growing up.
Lower = Tiers C2, C3, D1, D2; lower-skilled players that have NOT played much organized hockey growing up.