October 1st

Fall League Schedule - Sunday, Oct 6

Below is the schedule for Fall League games this Sunday, October 6.

We apologize for the inconvenience when the Fall League games and information are not displayed on the website. All Fall League information will be posted again after the upcoming Twin Cities Classic October 4-6.

Date Time Rink Home Away
Sun Oct 6 6:15 PM SLP E Middle White Middle Green
Sun Oct 6 6:30 PM Richfield 2 Lower White Lower Green
Sun Oct 6 7:45 PM SLP E Upper Black Upper Orange
Sun Oct 6 8:00 PM Richfield 2 Lower Gold Lower Orange
Sun Oct 6 8:15 PM Breck Middle Black Middle Blue
Sun Oct 6 9:00 PM Richfield 1 Middle Gold Middle Orange
Sun Oct 6 9:15 PM SLP E Upper Blue Upper White
Sun Oct 6 9:30 PM Richfield 2 Lower Black Lower Blue

July 23rd

Summer League Playoffs

The 2019 Summer League Playoffs will be held Sunday, August 18 through Wednesday, August 28. Please visit the Summer League Playoff Schedule Page.

February 4th

Winter League Playoff Information

The 2018-19 Winter Playoffs will be held Sunday, April 7 through Sunday, April 14. For complete information and rules, please visit the Winter Playoff Information Page.