AHA Hockey


July 23rd

Summer League Playoffs

The 2019 Summer League Playoffs will be held Sunday, August 18 through Wednesday, August 28. Please visit the Summer League Playoff Schedule Page.

February 4th

Winter League Playoff Information

The 2018-19 Winter Playoffs will be held Sunday, April 7 through Sunday, April 14. For complete information and rules, please visit the Winter Playoff Information Page.

October 15th

2018-19 Winter League Schedule

Schedule for the 2018-19 Winter League - 1st Two Weeks

The remainder of the Winter Schedule will be posted the week of October 22. Team pages, standings, schedule will also be posted at that time at the conclusion of the Fall League.

Date Time Rink Level Home team Away team
Thu, Oct 259:00PMParade SASpartans AMiners
Thu, Oct 259:20PMBraemar WC2 WestSled Dogs C2Chaos C2
Thu, Oct 259:30PMBreckC2 WestLakers C2Moose C2
Fri, Oct 266:15PMRichfield 1AKodiaks ASummit
Fri, Oct 268:00PMRichfield 1AUnsulliedWarriors
Fri, Oct 269:00PMBraemar SC2 WestMastodons BlueMastodons Black
Fri, Oct 269:45PMRichfield 1ATeam AmericaChiefs A
Sat, Oct 274:30PMHighland NC2 WestNorthern GatorsFighting Loons Lightning
Sat, Oct 275:00PMSLP WB2Spitfires B2Bullheads
Sat, Oct 275:10PMHopkinsB2Kodiaks B2Jackalopes
Sat, Oct 275:45PMRichfield 2B2Summit StoutWild
Sat, Oct 276:00PMRichfield 1C2 WestFighting Ice FishSharks
Sat, Oct 276:10PMHighland NB2Chiefs B2Rack Attack B2
Sat, Oct 276:45PMSLP WB2Outlaws B2Heat
Sat, Oct 276:50PMHopkinsB2Ice HogsLakers B2
Sat, Oct 277:15PMEPCC 1B3 EastLumberjacksFighting Piranhas B3
Sat, Oct 277:45PMRichfield 1D1 WestSpartans D1Wolf-Rayets D1
Sat, Oct 277:30PMRichfield 2B1GrizzliesPiranhas
Sat, Oct 277:45PMBreckD1 WestSlashing PumpkinsFlying Hellfish
Sat, Oct 277:50PMHighland NB1LigersMad Dogs
Sat, Oct 278:30PMHopkinsB1Outlaws B1Lakers B1
Sat, Oct 278:30PMSLP WB1Spiders B1Venom B1
Sat, Oct 279:00PMEPCC 1B1RiddlersBarons B1
Sat, Oct 279:30PMRichfield 1D1 WestGrey DucksMoose D1
Sat, Oct 279:15PMRichfield 2B3 EastNorthern Horde B3Monster Squad
Sat, Oct 279:30PMBreckD1 WestNorthern Horde D1Ice Sages
Sat, Oct 279:30PMHighland NB3 EastTaz DevilsVenom B3
Sun, Oct 284:30PMHighland SD2HussarsMammoth
Sun, Oct 285:45PMSLP EC1 EastSaints C1Avengers
Sun, Oct 286:00PMBreckB3 WestLes Etoiles du Nord B3Ice Breakers
Sun, Oct 286:00PMRichfield 2B3 WestSpiders B3Barons B3
Sun, Oct 286:10PMHighland SD2Rubber PuckiesBold North
Sun, Oct 287:15PMBIG 1C2 EastShame on Ice C2Maroons C2
Sun, Oct 287:15PMEPCC 1C2 EastTroopers C2Fighting Loons Thunder
Sun, Oct 287:30PMNew Hope NC3 WestBullsFighting Piranhas C3
Sun, Oct 287:30PMSLP EC1 EastShame on Ice C1Spitfires C1
Sun, Oct 287:45PMBreckB3 WestGatorsMinnesota Loons
Sun, Oct 287:45PMMinnetonka AC2 EastMinnesota MildRoadrunners
Sun, Oct 287:45PMRichfield 2B3 EastRack Attack B3Landsharks
Sun, Oct 287:50PMHighland SD2KrakenIce Cobras
Sun, Oct 288:30PMNew Hope SD2Fighting Loons D2Renegades
Sun, Oct 289:00PMBIG 1C3 WestBlack IceShame on Ice C3
Sun, Oct 289:00PMEPCC 1C2 EastHooligans C2Silverbacks
Sun, Oct 289:15PMNew Hope NC3 WestLeafs C3Boomsticks
Sun, Oct 289:15PMSLP EC1 EastNorsemenFighting Piranhas C1
Sun, Oct 289:30PMBreckC1 EastJetsLakers C1
Sun, Oct 289:30PMHighland SD2Minnesota MallardsGoal Diggers
Sun, Oct 289:30PMMinnetonka AC3 WestStarsAnchors
Sun, Oct 289:30PMRichfield 2C1 EastBulldogsRoyals C1
Mon, Oct 296:45PMSLP WC2 EastRebellionNorsemen C2
Mon, Oct 299:00PMSPA-DrakeB3 EastSpitfires B3Fighting Loons B3
Mon, Oct 299:15PMRichfield 1B3 EastPhantomsRiver Pirates
Mon, Oct 299:15PMRichfield 2B3 WestSaints B3Chaos B3
Mon, Oct 299:30PMBreckC3 NorthSpartans C3Wolfpack
Mon, Oct 299:40PMBraemar SB3 WestYellow JacketsZephyrs
Tue, Oct 307:00PMSPA-DrakeC3 NorthHooligans C3Marauders
Tue, Oct 308:30PMHopkinsB3 WestBattle CatsSota Hill
Tue, Oct 308:40PMVadnais 2C3 NorthPines C3Blade Runners
Tue, Oct 308:45PMSPA-DrakeC3 NorthFighting Loons C3Nordeasters
Tue, Oct 309:15PMRichfield 2C3 NorthNighthawksGold Rush
Wed, Oct 319:30PMBreckD1 EastFighting WalleyeMinnesota Pines
Thu, Nov 17:00PMSPA-DrakeD1 EastTroopers D1Les Etoiles du Nord D1
Thu, Nov 18:45PMSPA-DrakeD1 EastKnights D1Minnesota Warriors Black
Thu, Nov 19:00PMParade SB2Rack Attack B2Summit Stout
Thu, Nov 19:30PMBreckC1 WestMinnesota Warriors GreenFighting Loons C1
Thu, Nov 19:30PMTria C1 WestLeafs C1Mastodons C1
Fri, Nov 26:00PMRichfield 1C1 WestSpartans C1Wingmen
Fri, Nov 27:45PMRichfield 1C1 WestSled Dogs C1Beavers
Fri, Nov 29:00PMBraemar WC3 EastMaroons C3Ice Dogs
Fri, Nov 29:30PMBraemar EC3 EastKnights C3Les Etoiles du Nord C3
Fri, Nov 29:30PMRichfield 1C1 WestChiefs C1Mosquitos
Sat, Nov 34:40PMHighland NASummitUnsullied
Sat, Nov 34:45PMRichfield 2C3 EastSpiders C3Wildcats
Sat, Nov 36:00PMRichfield 1C2 WestMastodons BlackLakers C2
Sat, Nov 36:20PMHighland NAMinersKodiaks A
Sat, Nov 36:30PMRichfield 2C3 EastRoyals C3Ak Bars
Sat, Nov 37:30PMNew Hope NAChiefs ASpartans A
Sat, Nov 37:45PMBreckC2 WestMoose C2Fighting Ice Fish
Sat, Nov 37:45PMNew Hope SC2 WestChaos C2Northern Gators
Sat, Nov 37:45PMRichfield 1D1 EastFighting Loons D1Hooligans D1
Sat, Nov 38:00PMHighland NB2WildSpitfires B2
Sat, Nov 38:10PMVMCC WB2Lakers B2Chiefs B2
Sat, Nov 38:15PMRichfield 2C2 WestSharksSpartans C2
Sat, Nov 39:15PMNew Hope NAWarriorsTeam America
Sat, Nov 39:30PMBreckC2 WestFighting Loons LightningMastodons Blue
Sat, Nov 39:30PMNew Hope SB2JackalopesIce Hogs
Sat, Nov 39:30PMRichfield 1C3 EastArctic WolvesMoose C3
Sat, Nov 39:40PMHighland NB2BullheadsOutlaws B2
Sat, Nov 39:50PMVMCC WB2HeatKodiaks B2
Sun, Nov 41:30PMPleasantC2 EastFighting Loons ThunderShame on Ice C2
Sun, Nov 43:15PMPleasantC1 EastRoyals C1Shame on Ice C1
Sun, Nov 44:20PMWoog 2D1 WestMoose D1Spartans D1
Sun, Nov 44:30PMHighland SD1 WestFlying HellfishNorthern Horde D1
Sun, Nov 45:45PMSLP EC2 EastSilverbacksWolf-Rayets C2
Sun, Nov 46:00PMBreckB3 EastFighting Loons B3Rack Attack B3
Sun, Nov 46:00PMRichfield 2B3 EastRiver PiratesTaz Devils
Sun, Nov 46:00PMWoog 2D2RenegadesSkategoats
Sun, Nov 46:10PMHighland SD2Bold NorthMinnesota Mallards
Sun, Nov 47:15PMBIG 1B3 EastFighting Piranhas B3Phantoms
Sun, Nov 47:15PMEPCC 1B3 EastLandsharksNorthern Horde B3
Sun, Nov 47:15PMNew Hope SD2Goal DiggersKraken
Sun, Nov 47:30PMNew Hope NB3 EastVenom B3Spitfires B3
Sun, Nov 47:30PMSLP EC2 EastNorsemen C2Minnesota Mild
Sun, Nov 47:40PMVMCC WB3 WestIce BreakersGators
Sun, Nov 47:40PMWoog 2D2MammothFighting Loons D2
Sun, Nov 47:45PMBreckD1 WestWolf-Rayets D1Slashing Pumpkins
Sun, Nov 47:45PMRichfield 2B3 WestChaos B3Les Etoiles du Nord B3
Sun, Nov 47:50PMHighland SC3 WestBoomsticksBulls
Sun, Nov 49:00PMBIG 1B3 WestBarons B3Saints B3
Sun, Nov 49:00PMEPCC 1B3 WestMinnesota LoonsBattle Cats
Sun, Nov 49:00PMNew Hope SD2Ice CobrasHussars
Sun, Nov 49:15PMNew Hope NB3 EastMonster SquadLumberjacks
Sun, Nov 49:15PMRichfield 1C2 EastRoadrunnersHooligans C2
Sun, Nov 49:15PMSLP EC1 EastLakers C1Bulldogs
Sun, Nov 49:20PMVMCC WB3 WestZephyrsSpiders B3
Sun, Nov 49:30PMBreckC3 WestFighting Piranhas C3Black Ice
Sun, Nov 49:30PMHighland SC3 WestAnchorsLeafs C3
Sun, Nov 49:30PMRichfield 2B3 WestSota HillYellow Jackets
Mon, Nov 59:00PMBraemar WC2 EastMaroons C2Rebellion
Mon, Nov 59:15PMRichfield 1B1PiranhasSpiders B1
Mon, Nov 59:15PMRichfield 2B1Mad DogsGrizzlies
Mon, Nov 59:30PMBreckB1Venom B1Riddlers
Mon, Nov 59:30PMSPA-DrakeB1Lakers B1Ligers
Tue, Nov 68:40PMVadnais 2B1Barons B1Outlaws B1
Tue, Nov 69:10PMWoog 1C1 EastFighting Piranhas C1Jets
Tue, Nov 69:15PMRichfield 2C1 EastSpitfires C1Saints C1
Tue, Nov 69:20PMWoog 2D1 WestIce SagesGrey Ducks
Wed, Nov 79:30PMBreckC3 WestShame on Ice C3Troopers C3
Wed, Nov 79:45PMSLP EC1 EastAvengersNorsemen
Thu, Nov 87:30PMSPA-DrakeC3 NorthBlade RunnersNighthawks
Thu, Nov 89:00PMParade SC3 NorthMaraudersFighting Loons C3
Thu, Nov 89:00PMTria C3 NorthGold RushHooligans C3
Thu, Nov 89:10PMWoog 2C1 WestMastodons C1Chiefs C1
Thu, Nov 89:15PMSPA-DrakeC3 NorthNordeastersSpartans C3
Thu, Nov 89:20PMWoog 1D1 EastMinnesota PinesLes Etoiles du Nord D1
Thu, Nov 89:30PMBreckD1 EastKnights D1Troopers D1
Fri, Nov 96:00PMRichfield 1D1 EastMinnesota Warriors BlackHooligans D1
Fri, Nov 97:45PMRichfield 1D1 EastFighting WalleyeFighting Loons D1
Fri, Nov 99:30PMBraemar EC1 WestMosquitosSpartans C1
Fri, Nov 99:30PMRichfield 1C3 NorthWolfpackPines C3