Beginner School

The AHA Hockey Beginner School is designed for adults with very little to no previous organized hockey experience. The intent of this program is for adults to learn the game of hockey and graduate with fellow participants as a team, prepared to enter AHA League play. Run twice per year (November - April and April - August) the program takes students through the basic skills of hockey and introduces players to the concepts of team play. The School consists of 10 on-ice instructional sessions and 10 games.

Instructional Sessions:

• 10 on-ice weekly instructional clinic/practices (90 minutes each)
• Two off-ice chalk talk sessions with instructors
• Controlled scrimmages
• Goaltending instruction
• AHA Qualified Instructors
Practice jersey included

Game Play:

• 10 games with 17-minute stop-time periods plus OT
• Two USA Hockey certified referees
• Scorekeeper, online stats, and box scores
• Championship game with awards

Beginner School Details:

• Sessions at Breck School Arena
• 2024 Spring Beginner School starts April 22, 2024.
• Monday Evenings
2024 Spring Beginner School Schedule


• Participants must be registered with USA Hockey
• Fee does not include equipment or team jerseys
• Limited to 36 skaters and two goaltenders

Registration for the 2024-25 Winter Beginner School will open in Fall 2024. To be notified when registration opens, please email


Part of our experienced on-ice staff is a goaltender instructor. Goalies will receive 1-on-2 instruction for all 10 weeks of the instructional sessions.


I've never played hockey before. Is Beginner School for me?
The large majority of participants in Beginner School have never played any organized hockey previously. Perhaps pickup games or on a pond, either growing up or as an adult. Players of all ages participate each year. Most have a little bit of skating experience, but our instructors will teach you the mechanics of skating in Beginner School. If you've never been on ice skates before, that is not a problem, but we do recommend you get a little bit of experience skating before you start the Beginner School. Most local rinks have designated open ice time where you can become familiar with getting around the ice.

What equipment will I need for the Beginner School?
You will need full hockey equipment when you take the ice on the first night. Equipment includes helmet (half-shield is acceptable, but full cage/mask is strongly recommended), breezers, elbow pads, gloves, shin pads, skates, stick, hockey socks. Shoulder pads are optional, but recommended.

Players will purchase game jerseys as a team for Beginner School game play and future league play.

If you are purchasing a new helmet and/or breezers, we strongly recommend you purchase black. Black is not required for Beginner School, but once your team graduates to Winter League play, your team's equipment must match in color.

Can I sign up with friends/co-workers/relatives?
Absolutely! You can register with people you know and we will make sure you are on the same team together.

How many goalies can register?
There is room for two goalies per session.

Is the Beginner School co-ed?
Yes, women are welcome to participate in the Beginner School!

Do I need to attend an evaluation session to participate in the Beginner School?
No. We assume all participants that register for the Beginner School are beginner players, meaning they have never played organized hockey or perhaps a year or so at the youth levels and are returning to hockey after a long time. We don't consider pickup or pond hockey organized hockey.

For more information contact the Beginner Coordinator.