Disciplinary Committee

The AHA Disciplinary Committee (DC) is comprised of players in the AHA that is set up to hear appeals as required under section 10 of USA Hockey's Annual Guide.

Appeal Guidelines

From the AHA Rules Addendum, the guidelines for appealing a suspension are:

Section 8 – Policy Guidelines

AHA follows appeals procedures as outlined in Section 10. DISPUTE RESOLUTION, DISCIPLINE, ARBITRATION of USA Hockey’s Annual Guide.

If you have any questions about the DC or are a current player and wish to be a part of the DC, please contact the Disciplinary Committee Chairman at dc@ahahockey.com.


To appeal a Major penalty and/or Game Misconduct penalty, please fill out the form below for the AHA Disciplinary Committee to review.
AHA will NOT review appeals of penalties not resulting in suspension, including minor, 10-minute misconduct, or game ejection penalties.
AHA will NOT accept appeals of penalties resulting in suspension due to accumulated penalty minutes.

For appeals of reinstatement into AHA Hockey, please do not submit the form below, instead contact the Disciplinary Committee Chairman at dc@ahahockey.com

Players committing Match penalties will be contacted by the AHA Disciplinary Committee Chairman for automatic review, the form below is not required.