Duluth Classic Schedule

Below is the schedule for the 2019 Duluth Classic.

All games played at the Essentia Duluth Heritage Sports Center

Date Time Rink Level Home team Away team
Fri Oct 183:30PMHeritage Seitz4 OktoberfestTop Down HuggingSothiks of Swing
Fri Oct 184:15PMHeritage Sill1 EPATeam PolandJackalopes
Fri Oct 184:45PMHeritage Seitz2 SlugfestIce HogsLumberjacks
Fri Oct 185:30PMHeritage Sill3 SagaVenomZephyrs
Fri Oct 186:00PMHeritage Seitz2 SlugfestRack AttackWild
Fri Oct 186:45PMHeritage Sill3 SagaLeafsMonster Squad
Fri Oct 187:15PMHeritage Seitz5 Dakota SoulMN MallardsMighty Drunks
Fri Oct 188:00PMHeritage Sill3 SagaBattle CatsIce Breakers
Fri Oct 188:30PMHeritage Seitz5 Dakota SoulLeftoversRebellion
Fri Oct 189:15PMHeritage Sill4 OktoberfestAvengersTop Down Hugging
Fri Oct 189:45PMHeritage Seitz1 EPATowniesTeam Poland
Sat Oct 199:45AMHeritage Sill2 SlugfestLumberjacksRack Attack
Sat Oct 1910:00AMHeritage Seitz3 SagaZephyrsLeafs
Sat Oct 1911:00AMHeritage Sill2 SlugfestWildIce Hogs
Sat Oct 1911:15AMHeritage Seitz3 SagaIce BreakersVenom
Sat Oct 1912:15PMHeritage Sill5 Dakota SoulMighty DrunksLeftovers
Sat Oct 1912:30PMHeritage Seitz3 SagaMonster SquadBattle Cats
Sat Oct 191:30PMHeritage Sill5 Dakota SoulRebellionMN Mallards
Sat Oct 191:45PMHeritage Seitz1 EPAJackalopesTownies
Sat Oct 192:45PMHeritage Sill4 OktoberfestSothiks of SwingAvengers
Sat Oct 193:00PMHeritage Seitz2 SlugfestRack AttackIce Hogs
Sat Oct 194:00PMHeritage Sill3 SagaLeafsIce Breakers
Sat Oct 194:15PMHeritage Seitz2 SlugfestWildLumberjacks
Sat Oct 195:15PMHeritage Sill3 SagaZephyrsMonster Squad
Sat Oct 195:30PMHeritage Seitz5 Dakota SoulMN MallardsLeftovers
Sat Oct 196:30PMHeritage Sill3 SagaBattle CatsVenom
Sat Oct 196:45PMHeritage Seitz5 Dakota SoulMighty DrunksRebellion
Sat Oct 197:45PMHeritage Sill1 EPA# 2# 3
Sat Oct 198:00PMHeritage Seitz4 Oktoberfest# 2# 3
Sun Oct 209:00AMHeritage Sill3 SagaChampionship
Sun Oct 209:15AMHeritage Seitz2 SlugfestChampionship
Sun Oct 2010:15AMHeritage Sill5 Dakota SoulChampionship
Sun Oct 2010:30AMHeritage Seitz1 EPAChampionship
Sun Oct 2011:30AMHeritage Sill4 OktoberfestChampionship