AHA Hockey

Duluth Classic Schedule

Below is the schedule for the 2018 Duluth Classic.

All games played at the Duluth Heritage Sports Center

Date Time Rink Level Home team Away team
Fri Oct 193:30PMSeitzLevel 1Team PolandUnsullied
Fri Oct 194:15PMSillLevel 2Ice HogsJackalopes
Fri Oct 194:45PMSeitzLevel 3Duluth WarriorsBattle Cats
Fri Oct 195:30MSillLevel 2WildOutlaws
Fri Oct 196:00PMSeitzLevel 3IcebreakersZephyrs
Fri Oct 196:45PMSillLevel 5RebellionArctic Wolfpack
Fri Oct 197:15PMSeitzLevel 3VenomLumberjacks
Fri Oct 198:00PMSillLevel 5Grey DucksNordeasters
Fri Oct 198:30PMSeitzLevel 4AvengersSting
Fri Oct 199:15PMSillLevel 4Sothiks of SwingLes Etoiles du Nord
Fri Oct 199:45PMSeitzLevel 1SummitTeam Poland
Sat Oct 209:00AMSillLevel 2JackalopesOutlaws
Sat Oct 209:15AMSeitzLevel 3ZephyrsDuluth Warriors
Sat Oct 2010:15AMSillLevel 2Ice HogsWild
Sat Oct 2010:30AMSeitzLevel 3Battle CatsVenom
Sat Oct 2011:30AMSillLevel 3LumberjacksIcebreakers
Sat Oct 2011:45AMSeitzLevel 1UnsulliedSummit
Sat Oct 2012:45PMSillLevel 5NordeastersRebellion
Sat Oct 201:00PMSeitzLevel 5Arctic WolfpackGrey Ducks
Sat Oct 202:00PMSillLevel 4StingSothiks of Swing
Sat Oct 202:15PMSeitzLevel 4Les Etoiles du NordAvengers
Sat Oct 203:15PMSillLevel 2OutlawsIce Hogs
Sat Oct 203:30PMSeitzLevel 3Duluth WarriorsVenom
Sat Oct 204:30PMSillLevel 2WildJackalopes
Sat Oct 204:45PMSeitzLevel 3LumberjacksZephyrs
Sat Oct 205:45PMSillLevel 3IcebreakersBattle Cats
Sat Oct 206:00PMSeitzLevel 5Arctic WolfpackNordeasters
Sat Oct 207:00PMSillLevel 5RebellionGrey Ducks
Sat Oct 207:15PMSeitzLevel 4Les Etoiles du NordSting
Sat Oct 208:15PMSillLevel 4AvengersSothiks of Swing
Sat Oct 208:30PMSeitzLevel 1#2#3
Sun Oct 219:00AMSillLevel 2Championship
Sun Oct 219:30AMSeitzLevel 5Championship
Sun Oct 2110:15AMSillLevel 3Championship
Sun Oct 2110:45AMSeitzLevel 4Championship
Sun Oct 2111:30AMSillLevel 1Championship