Free Agent

Below is information for individuals interested in joining AHA Hockey's Winter League. Joining a team is as easy as attending an evaluation session and signing up as a Free Agent.

Evaluation Session

The first thing you'll need to do to join AHA is register for and attend an evaluation session. At the evaluation session you will be run through a few on-ice drills and then participate in a scrimmage. During this time our team of evaluators will determine what level of play is most appropriate for your skill level.

Please visit our Evaluation page to register for an upcoming session.


To join a team, you will need to register for the Winter League as a Free Agent, including a $150 down payment. Once you are registered, you will be listed as available for teams at our Free Agent draft. More information on the draft is below.


Our Free Agent draft will be held in October and is open to all teams in the Winter League that are in need of players to fill up their roster. Free Agents do not attend the draft. Team Captains are provided with information on Free Agents including skill level, which evaluation session that you attended and position preference (Forward, Defense, Goaltender).

After you are selected in the draft, you will be contacted notifying you of the team that you have been selected by. At this time, you will make remaining payment towards your Winter League fees as well as registration with USA Hockey.

If the team that selected you registered via Individual Registration, you will be contacted by AHA to make remaining payment to AHA before the start of the season.

If the team that selected you registered via Team Pay Registration, your $150 payment will be transferred to the team to apply towards your share of the team payment. You will be responsible for any remaining fees due to the team which will be communicated to you by the team Captain.

In the extremely rare event that you are not drafted by a team, you will be refunded your $150 registration fee by AHA.