AHA Hockey

Playoff Schedule

Below is the schedule for the 2017-18 Winter League Playoffs. Please note: this page is to be used as a reference to see the seedings for teams. Please visit the actual Playoff Schedule Page for game results. (Games will be posted there soon.)

Playoff Schedule:

Date Time Rink Level Home (Seed) Away (Seed)
Tue Apr 37:35PMBraemar WC2 A1 Spartans C23 Maroons C2
Tue Apr 39:15PMBraemar WC2 A2 Sharks4
Tue Apr 37:00PMEPCC 2C2 B1 Beavers3
Tue Apr 38:45PMEPCC 2C2 B24 Moose C2
Tue Apr 37:00PMNew Hope NA13
Tue Apr 38:45PMNew Hope NA24
Tue Apr 37:30PMRichfield 2B3 A1 Spitfires Green3
Tue Apr 39:15PMRichfield 2B3 A2 Landsharks4
Tue Apr 36:00PMSLP EB3 B24
Tue Apr 37:45PMSLP EB3 B1 Spitfires White3
Wed Apr 46:15PMBIG 1C1 B24
Wed Apr 48:00PMBIG 1B11 Unsullied3
Wed Apr 49:45PMBIG 1B124
Wed Apr 46:15PMBIG 2C3 A2 Minnesota Mild4
Wed Apr 48:00PMBIG 2C3 A1 Fighting Loons C33
Wed Apr 49:45PMBIG 2C3 C1 Troopers C33 Spartans C3
Wed Apr 46:15PMBIG 3C3 B2 Rebellion4 Gold Rush
Wed Apr 48:00PMBIG 3C3 B1 Mastodons C33 Maroons C3
Wed Apr 49:45PMBIG 3C3 C2 Les Etoiles du Nord C34
Wed Apr 47:00PMEPCC 1B213
Wed Apr 48:45PMEPCC 1B224
Wed Apr 47:00PMNew Hope ND1 A13
Wed Apr 48:45PMNew Hope ND1 A24
Wed Apr 47:30PMRichfield 2D1 B13
Wed Apr 49:15PMRichfield 2D1 B24
Wed Apr 46:00PMSLP EC1 A24
Wed Apr 47:45PMSLP EC1 A13
Wed Apr 49:30PMSLP EC1 B1 Sota Hill3
Thu Apr 56:15PMBIG 1B3 A34
Thu Apr 58:00PMBIG 1B3 A1 Spitfires Green2 Landsharks
Thu Apr 59:45PMBIG 1C3 B1 Mastodons C32 Rebellion
Thu Apr 57:15PMBIG 2B3 B1 Spitfires White2
Thu Apr 59:00PMBIG 2B3 B34
Thu Apr 56:15PMBIG 3C3 A34
Thu Apr 58:00PMBIG 3C3 A1 Fighting Loons C32 Minnesota Mild
Thu Apr 59:30PMBreckC3 B3 Maroons C34 Gold Rush
Thu Apr 57:00PMEPCC 2A12
Thu Apr 58:45PMEPCC 2A34
Thu Apr 57:00PMNew Hope ND21 Wood Haulers3 Minnesota Ice
Thu Apr 58:45PMNew Hope ND22 Minnesota Pines4 Ice Cobras
Thu Apr 57:30PMRichfield 2C3 C1 Troopers C32 Les Etoiles du Nord C3
Thu Apr 59:15PMRichfield 2C3 C3 Spartans C34
Fri Apr 63:00PMBIG 1C1 B34
Fri Apr 64:45PMBIG 1C1 B1 Sota Hill2
Fri Apr 66:30PMBIG 1C1 A12
Fri Apr 68:15PMBIG 1B11 Unsullied2
Fri Apr 610:00PMBIG 1B134
Fri Apr 62:45PMBIG 2B234
Fri Apr 64:30PMBIG 2B212
Fri Apr 66:15PMBIG 2C1 A34
Fri Apr 68:00PMBIG 2D1 A12
Fri Apr 69:45PMBIG 2C2 B1 Beavers2
Fri Apr 62:45PMBIG 3D1 B34
Fri Apr 64:30PMBIG 3D1 B12
Fri Apr 66:15PMBIG 3D1 A34
Fri Apr 68:00PMBIG 3D21 Wood Haulers2 Minnesota Pines
Fri Apr 69:45PMBIG 3D23 Minnesota Ice4 Ice Cobras
Fri Apr 67:00PMEPCC 3C2 A1 Spartans C22 Sharks
Fri Apr 68:45PMEPCC 3C2 A3 Maroons C24
Fri Apr 67:00PMNew Hope NC2 B34 Moose C2
Sat Apr 78:15AMBIG 1D1 B23
Sat Apr 710:00AMBIG 1D1 B14
Sat Apr 711:45AMBIG 1D1 A14
Sat Apr 71:30PMBIG 1D1 A23
Sat Apr 73:15PMBIG 1Beg 3rd34
Sat Apr 75:00PMBIG 1Beg Champ12
Sat Apr 76:45PMBIG 1C1 B1 Sota Hill4
Sat Apr 78:30PMBIG 1A14
Sat Apr 710:15PMBIG 1A23
Sat Apr 79:30AMBIG 2C3 A1 Fighting Loons C34
Sat Apr 711:15AMBIG 2C3 A2 Minnesota Mild3
Sat Apr 71:00PMBIG 2C3 B1 Mastodons C34 Gold Rush
Sat Apr 72:45PMBIG 2C3 B2 Rebellion3 Maroons C3
Sat Apr 74:30PMBIG 2D21 Wood Haulers4 Ice Cobras
Sat Apr 76:15PMBIG 2D22 Minnesota Pines3 Minnesota Ice
Sat Apr 78:00PMBIG 2C2 B1 Beavers4 Moose C2
Sat Apr 79:45PMBIG 2C2 B23
Sat Apr 78:15AMBIG 3B3 A2 Landsharks3
Sat Apr 710:00AMBIG 3B3 A1 Spitfires Green4
Sat Apr 711:45AMBIG 3B3 B1 Spitfires White4
Sat Apr 71:30PMBIG 3B3 B23
Sat Apr 73:15PMBIG 3C3 C1 Troopers C34
Sat Apr 75:00PMBIG 3C3 C2 Les Etoiles du Nord C33 Spartans C3
Sat Apr 76:45PMBIG 3C1 B23
Sat Apr 78:30PMBIG 3C2 A1 Spartans C24
Sat Apr 710:15PMBIG 3C2 A2 Sharks3 Maroons C2
Sat Apr 71:45PMEPCC 3C1 A14
Sat Apr 73:30PMEPCC 3C1 A23
Sat Apr 711:00AMRichfield 2B214
Sat Apr 712:45PMRichfield 2B223
Sat Apr 72:30PMRichfield 2B11 Unsullied4
Sat Apr 74:15PMRichfield 2B123
Sun Apr 89:00AMBIG 1C3 Semi14
Sun Apr 810:45AMBIG 1C3 Semi23
Sun Apr 84:15PMBIG 1B2 Champ
Sun Apr 86:00PMBIG 1B1 Champ
Sun Apr 87:45PMBIG 1A Champ
Sun Apr 84:00PMBIG 2D1 Champ
Sun Apr 85:45PMBIG 2D2 Champ
Sun Apr 87:30PMBIG 2C3 Champ
Sun Apr 83:45PMBIG 3B3 Champ
Sun Apr 85:30PMBIG 3C1 Champ
Sun Apr 87:15PMBIG 3C2 Champ